It's January, what are you doing?

This is part 2 of my two part entry reflecting on 2014 and making changes for 2015.

For me every year seems to start the same. 'Uh, how did we get here already?'. It's been 11 days since we all woke up feeling the ill effects of celebrating the new year. I had a blast. I spent the evening with some great friends in London. Met some fantastic new people, played cards against humanity for the first time and devoured some meat. Amazing.

In my last post I focused a lot on taking action. With this post I want to share my focus for the year as well what I've done to move that needle.

Pillars of Focus

  • Wedding
  • Morning rituals
  • Networking
  • Business
  • Education

New 'Rituals'

For people that are interested, I have 3 'must do' every day items. These are non-negotiable. Without these rituals I feel I'll go back to bad habits.

1. Water

Drinking water is important. We all know why we need to drink, but if you want to feel that little bit better in the morning then drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning will indeed give you a boost. I do this immediately upon waking.

2. Meditate

I personally have never been a believer in it, but when you start hearing the same thing repeated by scores of highly successful individuals you should probably give a try. Tim Ferriss has said that 80% of the interviewees he has had on his podcast meditate.

I've been using Headspace every morning after a shower. Today was my 6th day in a row. It's still too early for me to say whether or not the way I'm feeling is attributed to meditating but one thing is for sure - I definitely feel a lot better than I did 7 days ago.

Meditation takes time and it's something I'm looking forward to discovering.

3. Eat and train clean

Yep, I'm back to eating clean again. What does that mean?

  • A lot of non-starchy vegetables.
  • No refined carbohydrates.
  • Kale.
  • Spirulina (in powder - first attempt at it).
  • ~ 7 pints of water a day.
  • No caffeine after 13:30.
  • Plenty of fish (mostly salmon for me).
  • Lot's of nuts and seeds.
  • Alcohol in moderation.
  • Exercise every day - gym 3-4x a week.

I was excited to start eating cleaner on Monday but by Wednesday I was struggling. By Saturday I was buzzing. After only 7 days of eating better I feel better already. I'm not hard on myself if I miss something or over indulge in one thing - so long as I'm not filling it with sugar and processed crap.

What else have I done?

  • Caught up with friends for coffee, breakfast and dinner.
  • Kicked off our new Q1 My Mate Your Date product road-map.
  • Started educating myself on better personal finances.
  • Purchased a ticket to TedX.
  • Discussed a new business support network.

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Ladies and Gentlemen - It's 2015 and Jared has come out to play.


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